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About This Book

     Basketball Secrets: 10 Secrets to Become A Professional Basketball Player, combines the knowledge and experience of 10 year Professional, Basketball Champion, & Global Basketball Scout, Darrin "Boomer" Williams. This book provides an easy to use program for creating a solid foundation to prepare athletes for professional play on the international market.


Each chapter (secret) leads readers to easily understand how to:


- Prepare your mind, body, and health for Professional Basketball,

- Start & prolong your professional career earn extra money externally as an International Player

- Creating Your Exit Strategy, producing your Basketball business.


Readers will learn how to analyze their environments and make the best decisions for positive career outcomes to master the game while thriving financially in the international marketplace.

About The Author 

      Darrin "Boomer" Williams

A Professional Basketball Champion!

    A native of Detroit, Michigan, Darrin has competed on every level of Basketball and ended his astounding 10 year Pro Career winning multiple championships and All-Star appearances. His superb play lead him to playing in 3 continents, while visiting over 25 countries before his retirement in 2019.

     Using his public influence from both the arenas of sports & entertainment, Darrin has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charitable organizations. His community efforts while impacting lives annually in many philanthropic events domestically and internationally while directing his personal  efforts for youth upliftment.

     Williams has acquired a Master's Degree from The Forbes School of Business, while boasting a double bachelors from prestigious Loyola University of Chicago.