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Asked Questions

  • What is Ambassy International? Tell Me More.....
    Ambassy International is an international marketing organization for athletes. Whether the player is established or undermarketed, we give players the necessary access and exposure to prolong their careers. Ultimately, we place your playing career within your own hands!
  • How Does Pro-Athletes Benefit from Ambassy's Services?
    With our products + services, Athletes will gain ultimate acess to our exclusive databases & directories! As a result, 3 things can occur: 1. Athletes can receive new Agent Represention 2. Athletes can receive playing opportunities/ contracts without the use of an agent 3. Athletes can submit to opening availabilities themselves
  • What Services Does Ambassy International provide?
    Our services includes: - Highlight Film (Industry Standard) - Ambassy All-Athlete Access Pass. - Ambassy Sponsorship Package. * Our services are for athletes with the desire to play professional basketball! Providing an unique opportunity to gainl access to the worlds top agents, agencies, and Fiba Certified Teams via our directories.
  • How Does The Ambassy's All- Access Pass Help Me?
    Our Ambassy All-Athlete Access Pass wil give you access to contact the world's top agents/agencies, and fiba Certified teams in our databases! Whether you need new Agent representaiton, or a new playing opportunity, you can contact them yourself. Those Include: - NBA/G League Database - FIBA Certified Agents (400+) - FIBA Certified Teams (2000+) - Open Job Openings/Submissions Best of all, players can also to submit to our Open Job Openings directly!
  • Is The Ambassy Sponsorship Package My Best Option?  Please Explain...
    Yes! Whether a player needs new representaiton, or a new playing opportunity, this package is for aspiring / pro-athletes who wants immediate results! Our team distributes your special profile to our entire database of over 2000 contacts and partnerships! You will also receive an update to your Biography, Statistics, Social Media, and Highlight Film absolutely free!
  • What Happens If I'm Not Contacted After Sponsorship Package?
    We guarantee a contact from an agent or team within 7-10 days after submission. If in any case that you are not contacted, we will continue to promote you on our site forums, social media platforms, and redistributed to our 2000+ contacts every month for 1 year. The player will also receive All - Access Athlete Pass for 1 year absolutely free!
  • Requesting a Refund for Ambassy Services & Plans
    Ambassy International offers a 24 hour money back guarantee on all monthly plans associated with Ambassy Database Access for World Teams, Agents, and Pro Players. Note: This guarantee does not extend to the Ambassy Sponsorship Program or Annual Database Plans, If you feel you deserve a refund, Click here to tell us why and we will review your request. Important: All Subscriber(s) (who enrolls via Stripe) will receive a cancellation email 7 days before the renewal of their service. Cancellation emails are common courtesies, not manadatory. If subscriber fails to inact their desire to cancellation, they will be billed accordingly for the next following month. Each subscriber has the responsibility to maintain dates according to their renewals. Paypal subcribers have the ability to cancel subscriptions on their own merit. If subscriber(s) request a refund for any monthly 'Ambassy Database Plans', the auto renewal for that service is immediately turned off.Even if your request is denied, the service will not renew at the end of the subscription period. *In the event subscriber(s) email their cancellation request, it may be granted if received at least 72 hours (3 business days) before their renewal. All emailed manual cancellations prior to the end of the subscription term or refund requests result in the payment of a cancellation/processing fee of $9.00 USD - There is no payment refund of the service which subscription already expired. Ambassy Events: Pro Skills Clinics / Pro Training Camps Events* There is no payment refund of the service which Ambassy pro camps have transpired. Submissions of payments are recognized as final in the event of non contact, and/or not limited to customer dissatisfaction, as all players may not be contacted nor selected. After completion of payment, each player is guaranteed a receipt of their transaction, as well as a pdf illustrating camps' pertinent information and its entirety. Completion of deposits serves as a confirmation for player(s), player management, or player representing party, for their acknowledgment of this disclosure. All Results are Not typical.
  • What are Ambassy's Success Rates?
    Over 92% of our players receive contact from Agent's or Teams from our Ambassy Sponsorship Package. Ambassy Contains Over 3000+ Professional Contacts from over 50 Countries. Ambassy Communicates w/ Over 2000+ Certified Fiba Teams (50+ Countries) Ambassy affiliates Over 400+ Fiba Certified Agents/Agencies Affilaites (40+ countries)
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