Capture Your Dream of Becoming An International Collegiate Basketball Athlete:

After Confirmed Payment, All Athletes will receive:
- Ambassy International Profile
- Updated Biography + Career Statistics
- Resume + Social Media Card Included**
- Profile submitted to Partnered Collegiate Universities Internationally (North America, Europe, Asia, & Australia)
- Receive 1 Year Ambassy All-Access Pass

International Scholarship Program

$999.99 Regular Price
$499.99Sale Price
  • Collegiate Players:

    • Collegiate Players must have a High School diploma and pass college admission standards!
    • Collegiate Players May Qualify To Obtain Bachelors Degree.
    • Collegiate Players must have experience (NJCAA, NAIA, NCAA)

    Pro Player Eligibility Rules:

    • Pro players must have college basketball experience to qualify.
    • Pro Players with 2 years experience or less may qualify. 
    • Pro Players must pass college admissions requirements.
    • Pro players must have college transcripts for program eligibility.
    • Players with Bachelor Degrees Can Qualify To Obtain a Masters Degree. 

International marketing organization designed to provide opportunities for Athletes

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