Capture Your Dream of Becoming A Professional Basketball Athlete w/ Your Constructed Profile:


All Athletes will receive:

- Ambassy International Profile (Free)

- Updated Highlight Film (Free)

- Updated Biography + Career Statistics (Free)

- Social Media Card Included (Free)

- Profile submitted to Fiba Teams & Partners (2000+)

Pro Athlete Sponsorship Program

$999.99 Regular Price
$499.99Sale Price
  • 7 - 14 Business Days Delivery


    After completion of payment player is guaranteed marketing services including (Updated Highlight Film, Private Bio Page, Updated Biography, Player Promotion Card, and Email Submission of Player Profile to members of private database) only spanning 12 months from completion of initial payment .

  • All player's submissions are deemed private upon submission and are subjected to receive submission services upon completion of payment foremost. Ambassy International (and their employees or references) does not guarantee professional contracts, as this company cannot predict who is chosen for professional performing activities. Events of a player's career & history does not serve as an indication of whats to be administered in the future. Payment of Submissions are recognized as final in the event of non contact, as all players may not be contacted nor selected.  All Results are not typical.

International marketing organization designed to provide opportunities for Athletes

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